Master Fellowships

Every year CIMI (Centre International de Mathématiques et d’Informatique) in Toulouse provides a number of fellowships for students enrolled in a Master course in Mathematics or Computer Science in one of the programs associated with CIMI.


4 fellowships for students starting on the first year of a Master’s degree M1 and 10 fellowships for those starting on the second year of a Master’s degree M2 will be available.


The level of funding will be competitive and sufficient to cover tuition fees and part of living expenses in Toulouse :


  • 600€ per month over 10 months for applicants starting in the first year M1
  • 1 000€ per month over 10 months for applicants starting in the second year M2

 To apply for 2015-2016 please click here


Eligibility criteria :

Those fellowships are open, on a competitive basis, to French and foreign students and awarded on the basis of the quality of the academic records.
First year (M1) applicants: Applicants must have obtained a degree corresponding to the European Bachelor's degree.
Second year (M2) applicants : Applicants must have successfully completed the first year of a European Master's degree, or an American Bachelor's degree, or any equivalent level.
The CIMI LabEx applies an equal opportunity policy in selection.


Application process :


Online applications only by using the following form. You can apply till  31st of January 2015.



1.    Curriculum Vitae (max. 2 pages)
2.    Details of the grades obtained at University from the 1st year to present
3.    Details of the courses attended in the year 2014-2015
4.    Two recommendation letters (one from the head of the current year syllabus) : do not forget to mention  the e-mail addresses of the professors wishing to send recommendation letters. They will receive an automatic e-mail to upload their letter.
5.    Applicant’s motivation letter
6.    Information about current level of French language skills (only applies to foreign students from non French speaking countries applying for a M1 fellowship)


Please note that fully completed applications only will be examined.


Selection process :

Fellowships applications will be examined by the LabEx CIMI Executive Committee  and Prospective Committee. Grants will be awarded on the basis of the quality of the academic records.



•    Syllabus Master 1 Maths :

•    Syllabus Master 2 Research (M2R) Maths :

•    Syllabus Master 2 pro IMAT Maths :

•    Syllabus Master in Computer Science :





  • Sokhna Faatim Laye DIOP
  • Hoang Phong NGUYEN
  • Thi Thanh NGUYEN



  • El-hadi BELGHACHE
  • Guillaume DABERNAT
  • Van Duong DINH
  • Khadija JABBAR
  • Jinan LOUBANI
  • Amani MAKHLOUF
  • Thi Thu Huong NGUYEN
  • Thi Thu Hang NGUYEN
  • Ismael OUATTARA
  • Tat Dat TO


 Campus France Application :

Students from the following countries applying for CIMI fellowships MUST create an application file on Campus France website before March 31st, 2015 and follow the CEF procedure in order to be able to study in a French university.

List of countries: Algeria ,Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo (Brazzaville), Gabon, Guinea, India, Ivory Coast, Japan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, Senegal, Russia, South Korea, Syria, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, USA, Vietnam.

French Language skills :
Applicants for a M1 fellowship must have some knowledge of French language at least equivalent to the B1 level as defined by the Common European Frame for French Language.

Selected applicants will also be requested to follow an intensive French language course (about 30 hours) upon arrival in France.